Releasing 08/04/2020

Griff ‘Shadow’ Blackstone


I’m the East Texas VP’s Enforcer, a dark and dangerous shadow in the night.

I’ve worked my ass off to get this position in the club, and I take it seriously. I’m a loyal bastard, the cat in me will allow no less.

I do whatever needs to be done to protect my brothers. It’s my job. My Right.

Releasing 08/11/2020

My name is Slash. I’m an Enforcer if the East Texas Chapter of the Dark Leopards MC. I’m not sure what my Prez was thinking when he sent me to deal with damn human trash. They’re nothing but a plague and we’d be better off without them. Fate is probably laughing her ass off because I’ve found my mate and she’s human.

It was supposed to be a simple firearms transaction—but I find my mate in the cartel’s clutches. I take what belongs to me, make her mine, but the humans and their mangy Lycaons think they’ll take her back. I’m an Enforcer in the East Texas Chapter of the Dark Leopards MC, and those damn dogs have bitten off more than they can chew.

Releasing 08/18/2020

My name is Wraith. I’m the President of the Dark Leopards MC East Texas Chapter. I’ve lived by one simple rule, do not mate. The demon inside me cannot be tamed.

That is until he scents Angel, then he practically rolls over and shows her his belly. Now I’m caught between giving her a beast or watching her die thanks to the Lycaon Wolf bastards who attacked her.

Rules are made to be broken, and Angel’s about to break mine.

Releasing 08/25/2020

I find my mate broken and battered—used by those who had no right to touch what belongs to me.

I am Big Bry, the new SAA for the East Texas Chapter of the Dark Leopards MC, and gaining revenge may cost me my humanity, but my beast’s protective instincts will allow nothing less.

5-His Light in the Darkness

My name is Stonewall, I’m the Treasurer for The Dark Leopards MC East Texas Chapter. I’ve finally found my place in the world within the Dark Leopards MC, but someone wants me to dead. I’m not even safe inside our clubhouse when they send another assassin for me. Only this assassin is more than I bargained for. She’s my mate.

When Kamaria’s sister finds herself in trouble, again, Kamaria is forced to work for the people who have her sister. She knew getting into the clubhouse was going to take some creativity. What she wasn’t expecting was to find her mate. Destiny isn’t being very fair asking her to choose between her sister’s safety, and her own happiness.

6-Just Killin Time

My name is Kid, William “The Kid” Henry. I’m a member of the East Texas Chapter of the Dark Leopards MC. Having unknowingly taken the life of my fated mate, I live a cursed existence, without the chance of finding peace--or happiness.
Fate has other plans.

Another chance has been given to me in the form of a trouble-magnet honey badger. The hyenas have her in their clutches and I’ll fight tooth and nail to set her free. And when that freedom is threatened, I’ll sacrifice everything to keep Aine safe.

7-Demons Hellfire

I joined the Dark Leopards MC when I was young, earning my patch at just eighteen. They call me Demon, because that’s what I am. Deadly, dangerous, and fiercely protective of those I call family. I’m a threat to everyone, especially those I don’t trust. I have blood on my hands. Death follows me. My heart is cold, unforgiving, and broken.

Then, she walks into my life and everything changes. She is pure light to my darkness and sets my world on fire. She is beautiful, sassy, someone I am proud to call mine. Everything that I never thought I would find. My Hellfire. The other half of my soul.

I wasn’t looking for a mate. She didn’t want one. Fate didn’t give either of us a choice. When the devil himself threatens to keep us apart, it’s going to take everything we have to survive. I just hope we can make it out of hell together.

8-Feral Instincts

I’m Dylan “Holliday” Jacobs, and I take pride in honesty. Having my Dark Leopards MC brothers’ backs. Doing the right thing for them and their old ladies while trying to hide the desire for my own.

But the lion in my head is feral. I don’t feel the mating call he insists is truth between me and the newest club girl, and I sure as hell won’t be manipulated by him into claiming her, no matter how sweet she smells.

My inner cat is a liar, but my shifter’s gift tells me she lies, too.

When the time comes to choose between him and the too-young woman who refuses to speak the truth, I’ll ignore my instincts and do the honorable, honest thing—and chance losing the one thing I’ve always wanted.