Embark on an epic journey like no other. No one can get a job done like R A R E can. Come follow the team as they make you heart race & your legs shake. Hold on's going to be a WILD ride!

Sass & Growl

My Sass & Growl Series will have you turning the pages to keep up with sassy women, the growly men who love them, and everyone who threatens to get in their way.

White River Wolves

The adventure continues as all the characters we love in R A R E  intertwine with all new heroes and heroines to continue the epic ride no one wants to end.

Chosen By Destiny

Vampires, Werewolves, & Witches OH MY! No fairy tales here, though I will take you on the hunt for the truth, the light, and the reason everything has gone to hell.

Dark Leopards

Motorcycle Club - East Texas Chapter

If you love lawless bikers, protective mates, and justice of the vigilante sort, then hop on, Sugar.


Here you will find Sexy Cowboys, Strong Women, Love, Friendship, Family, and the Unexpected always popping up to keep you in the edge of your seat. Question is...Can their love save them all?


You have been trained, tested and made to understand you only have one purpose... to live, lie, and die by the code. A code which you believe is good. But, what if it's not?         Which path would you choose?

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