RARE Series

Book 1 Nico’s Heart

Book 2 Phoenix’s Fate

Book 3 Trace’s Temptation

Book 4 Saving Storm

Book 5 Angel’s Destiny

Book 6 Jaxson’s Justice

Book 7 Rikki’s Awakening


White River Wolves Series

Book 1 Josie’s Miracle

Book 2 Slade’s Desire

Book 3 Janie’s Salvation

Book 4 Sable’s Fire


Serenity Springs Series

Book 1 Tempting His Heart

Book 2 Healing Her Spirit

Book 3 Saving His Soul

Book 4 A Caldwell Wedding

Book 5 Keeping Her Trust


Alluring Assassins

Book 1 Cassia


Sass and Growl

Book 1 His Bunny Kicks Sass

Book 2 Protecting His Fox’s Sass

Book 3 Accepting His Witch’s Sass

Book 4 Chasing His Lynx’s Sass


Chosen By Destiny

Book 1 Blayke

Book 2 Bellame


Magical Mojo

Book 1 Witch Way To Love

Book 2 Witch Way To Jingle

Book 3 Witch Way To Cupid


Rogue Enforcers

Book 1 Karma

Book 2 Alayla

Book 3 Evalena

Book 4 Camryn

Book 5 Amira

Book 6 Edge


Dark Leopards East Texas Chapter

Book 1 Shadow’s Revenge

Book 7 Demon’s Hellfire

Book 10 Taz’s Valor



Wedding Bell Rock

Maid For Me


The De La Vega Familia Trilogy

(Social Rejects Syndicate)

Book 1 Tomas

Book 2 Mateo

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