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Karma Annesley joined the Rogue Enforcers for one reason—to take advantage of the training Colton Alexander would give her so she could protect her family from the evil stalking them. Never in her wildest dreams did she envision meeting someone like him on her first mission. Powerful, protective, captivating… he’s everything she wants—and everything she doesn’t need right now. The secrets and danger surrounding her won’t allow her to let anyone else into her life.

After his sister is kidnapped, Zevyn Abernathy will do anything it takes to find her, including contacting a group of Rogue Enforcers who aren’t exactly working above the law. But he doesn’t care. All that matters is bringing Danica home. When Karma arrives, a force to be reckoned with, he doesn’t know whether to thank Fate or curse Her timing. What he does know, is he isn’t giving his courageous dragoness up—he just needs her to accept what they already mean to each other.

With tensions high, battling danger at every turn, the last thing Zev and Karma need is to be so consumed with each other. But there’s no way to stop it, and only one question remains. Will they make it out alive, or go up in flames?


Alayla Annesley is as lethal as they come. Beautiful, fierce, loyal, and dead set on protecting the ones she loves. When her boss sends her on an assignment to Utah, she never dreams how much her future is going to change. Or that the children she is sent to protect are being hunted by the same immoral monster who has been after her since she and her cousins escaped his dungeon ten years ago.

When his mother has a vision of children stranded alone in the mountains, Callen Cantrell knows he will do whatever it takes to find them and keep them safe. His bear will accept no less. What he doesn’t realize, is the danger stalking them is more deadly than anything he’s seen before. Danger aside, he has no idea at the level in which his patience is about to be tested. Everything he has hoped and planned for is about to land right on his doorstep.

Alayla and Callen are both dead set on protecting the children from the bastard chasing them. What they were not ready for, was having to fight their feelings at the same time. With a war about to rain down on them, can they overcome their emotions in time to save the children, themselves, and the ones they love, before it is too late?


Taken from her home at the young age of fourteen and forced to live in a prison of hell for over a year, Evalena Annesley was plagued with nightmares she was afraid she would never be rid of. An empath with a kind, sweet soul, she had suffered greatly at the hands of the madman who kidnapped her. Choosing to fight her demons instead of hiding from them, she became the one thing her sister and cousin told her she would never be… a Rogue Enforcer.

One phone call from a cousin he hadn’t heard from in years asking for his help was all it took for Draco Alexander to get in his truck and drive halfway across the United States. What started out as a favor for Colton, quickly turned into so much more after Draco met Evalena. He fell hard for the courageous dragoness the moment he saw her—a beautiful spitfire of a woman, with a heart of gold.

Terrified she is about to lose everything she has fought for, everything she thought she would never have, she must make a choice. Place her trust in the man who holds the other half of her soul, or run from the evil that stalks her and lose everything.