As the eldest son of Miguel De La Vega, Tomas should have been next in line to lead the family’s crime syndicate. As the bastard child of the Don’s deceased mistress, the opportunity would pass him by. It didn’t matter to him. It kept him out of the spotlight. He preferred being the muscle, taking care of business with his fists or his guns. Let one of his brothers worry about the political side of their corrupt business, and he would clean up their mess. Tomas was damn good at what he did, and everyone knew it.

Salome Villanueva was on the run from the one person she should have been able to trust in life… her own father. He’d made a deal with the devil, and she was the payment. Screw that. She wasn’t some whimpering female quaking in her heels. She was strong, independent, and once she knew exactly who was after her besides her own family, she was going to turn the tables on them and show them a hell they would never have imagined. Until then, she would ask for help from the only people she knew of who could protect her. The mafia.

The moment Tomas set eyes on the fiery woman, he knew he was going to make Salome his. Salome had more important things to worry about than falling for a De La Vega, no matter how much she might want him. When her enemies get closer, Tomas will do everything in his power to save her, even if it means losing his own life in the process


Corruption, violence, and death were all a part of Mateo De La Vega’s life. As second in command to the Don of Cali, he wields a power few other men had. He is cold and merciless to his enemies, allowing no one but his familia to get close to him, until the day she appears in front of him. Battered, bruised, and bloody, but far from broken.

Katsya Reyes was a strong, independent, and fiercely loyal woman. When she was kidnapped, tortured, and brought to what she believed would soon be the end of her life, she still refused to give her captors any of the information they sought. She was prepared to die for the ones she had sworn loyalty to. Then she heard the promise in his voice and saw the determination in his eyes.

From the moment he laid eyes on Katsya, everything in Mateo was drawn to her. A dark, burning desire that could not be ignored. She was his. He would save her and kill anyone who tried to stand in his way. Problem was, he needed to find her first, before it was too late.


Javier might be the youngest De La Vega sibling, but that doesn’t make him any less dangerous than his brothers. He is a genius behind a keyboard, but deadly in a fight. While trying to figure out who is after his family, he takes on the task of looking out for his sister-in-law’s friend, and soon finds himself falling for a woman he has never met.

Athena spends her days saving lives and protecting the innocent, even if it is mostly behind a computer screen. The business she runs has grown over the years, and she now operates all over the world. Until someone comes after all she has built over the years, threatening not only her life, but those of the brave men and women who work with her. Now, she will stop at nothing to find the threat and eliminate it. But someone has been watching her for several weeks. Someone in Colombia. Friend or foe?

When they meet, the attraction is instant. The pull undeniable. Soon, they are fighting side-by-side in a race to protect the De La Vega familia from an unknown enemy. It is a war they vow to win, no matter the death and destruction they leave behind.

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